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The Day of Surgery:

Before Surgery:


  • You will be met by the technologist who will ask you specific questions about your surgery.
  • The technologist will ask you to sign a consent for monitoring.
  • The technologist will place "sticker" electrodes on your wrist, ankles, neck and forehead. These stickers are attached with tape and have colored wires extending from them. It is the wires that will hook into the equipment in the operating room.




During Surgery:


  • Right after you fall asleep for surgery the Technologist will place more electrodes.
  • The technologist will work closely with a reading doctor specially trained in intraoperative monitoring that will join via a secure internet connection. The reading doctor has the ability to see all activity on the computer screen via a remote location.
  • The technologist is in constant communication with the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and reading doctor.
  • After your procedure is completed all electrodes will be disposed of.

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